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domesticabusebuttonWhat is domestic abuse?

Domestic abuse is when someone close to you hurts you badly.


They might:

Hit you

Shout at you

Say bad things about you

Take your money

Stop you going out

Stop you seeing your friends

Take your mobile phone away from you

Check up on you all the time

Make you have sex when you don’t want to

Make you get married when you don’t want to

Make other people hurt you

Make you feel scared they will do these things, even if they don’t


Domestic abuse is done by people close to you. For example:


Your parents

Your brothers and sisters

Other family members like cousins, aunts and uncles

Your husband or wife

Your girlfriend or boyfriend

An ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend

Domestic abuse usually happens again and again over quite a long time.


It can make you feel really bad about yourself.


It can make you feel frightened and alone.


If this is you, get help now! Go to the ‘get help’ page