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lgbtbuttonWhat does LGBT mean?

The Domestic Abuse Partnership works in London with LGBT people who are being hurt by someone they are in a relationship with or someone in their family.


LGBT is about your sexuality – this means who you fancy and want to have sex with. It is also about your gender identity – this means whether you feel you are a man, a woman, a bit of both or something else.


LGBT stands for:


L – Lesbian – this means a woman who fancies other women.

G – Gay Man – this means a man who fancies other men.

B – Bisexual – this means someone who fancies men and women.

T – Trans – this a word about your gender. Gender is whether you feel like a man or a woman or a bit of both or something else. Trans people feel that who they are doesn’t always match what other people think about them. Trans people sometimes feel that their body doesn’t match who they know they are inside. Trans people can be lesbian, gay, bisexual or straight. Straight (or heterosexual) means you fancy people of the opposite sex to you. The LGBT DAP can help you if you are trans, whatever your sexuality.